What does Antonio López Montero really manufacture?

Our product is currently base on the basic commercial demand within our sector. But what is there behind our references?

We offer more than 1000 new annual references, following the latest trends in silver 925 as well as in 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and 19,2K gold. Introducing the latest designs in gold piercings, gold earrings, gold bracelets or silver bracelets, as well as silver earrings, anklets, pendants or rings.

We are open to new suggestions as we love dealing with new challenges! We are also open to adapt our own designs in order to make them your own. In other words, we will always try to do our very best to obtain the closest weight, prices and appearance to match your expectations.

We try to provide our clients with all the information required as we want them to feel like home, so no doubts or volatility is admitted! We try to respect our deadlines as much as possible, giving, at the same time, the very best from us in every sense in order to improve in all our aspects and offer the best of the services.

We remain at your complete disposal and that’s what keeps our business relationships with our clients as cool as the very first day!

Jewelry Manufacturers

Express your emotions through our jewellery

Fabrication process

Check our production process step by step!

What makes us special is the fact that we try to combine the most traditional jewellery techniques from the city of Córdoba with the latest technologies in the market; which allow us to obtain the most original and innovative designs without losing our main essence.

We specifically work to launch the trendiest pieces of jewellery each season in both gold and silver. With the help of our own designers, we try to bring our ideas into life. Once our design department generates the pieces by computer, we start with the physical design!

Our factory has its own wax and casting area, where our great jewellery professionals, carry out the corresponding casting work, exhaustively controlling each of the steps they follow to generate the final piece.

Traditional polishing technique


Each of our jewellery pieces ends their production process in the expert hands of our polishing ladies, providing the perfect polished finish to our jewellery. This is the last step before the final revision of the pieces carried out by our quality department.

We are also very well-known for using the latest technology in laser cutting and engraving as it represents a further step in our evolution. This type of technology allows us to create lightweight jewellery in all carat’s gold, as well as in silver.


All our jewellery is made for every kind of person. We manufacture baby jewellery, as well as for children, teens and ladies. You will find all kind of bracelets, piercings, anklets and earrings for every member in the family in both gold and silver. That’s the reason why we offer a wide range of finishes:

  • Best quality material such as 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k and 19k yellow, rose and white gold.
  • 925 Sterling silver with several finishes; silver, rhodium or gold-plated finish.
  • Enamel finishes for both silver and gold.
  • A wide selection of earrings, rings and pendants with precious and semiprecious stones, diamonds, fresh water pearls, etc.
Original Designs
Product added to compare.

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